UV Protection

We all know how bad UV exposure is to our skin, right? Well it’s even worse when it comes to our eyes.

UV is present whenever the sun shines, even when it is cloudy or in the shade. It is also reflected or scattered from snow or water. In a nutshell, UV is there pretty much all the time you are outside.

What damage can it do to the eyes?

  • Photoaging (wrinkles around the eyes)
  • UV radiation is one of the main causes of skin cancer and this can also affect your eyelids
  • photokeratitis (sunburn of the front of the eye). This can be very painful and causes watering, redness, light sensitivity and a contracted pupil
  • cataract; UV exposure is linked to clouding of the lens in the eye (cataract) and has been shown to dramatically accelerate developing cataracts
  • UV exposure has been linked as a contributory cause of macular degeneration
  • Pterygium (growth of the conjunctiva over the cornea which often needs surgery).

Thankfully there are solutions: all our prescription and non-prescription sunglasses come with a filter which blocks UV radiation up to 400nm, but what about when you’re not wearing your sunglasses?

Yet again, Zeiss have the solution.

Zeiss now build full UV protection up to 400nm into all their spectacle lenses. Whether sun lenses, clear lenses or photochromic (Photofusion) lenses, Zeiss now supply all their spectacle lenses with full UV protection as standard. They don’t even charge extra for it, which is especially nice.

For contact lens wearers there is a partial solution as Acuvue contact lenses provide a degree of UV blocking, although the amount of protection they offer is only as large as the contact lens itself, so they will prevent UV reaching the cornea or the inside of your eye, but leave the outer parts unprotected, which is why there is still a need for good-quality sunglasses protection.

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