Sprung hinges

Sprung hinges have become more popular in spectacle frame manufacture as they have become more reliable and cheaper to produce. They provide a generally better fit on your temples by maintaining a constant light pressure. They also tend to last longer as they absorb the punishment caused by taking off your glasses with one hand or wearing them on top of your head and so are a must for kids’ frames. However, due to their small moving parts, if a frame is going to fail at any point during its lifetime you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be the sprung hinge that goes. And they’re a pain to repair, often needing to be riveted shut, which kind of misses the point of why you had them in the first place.

It was therefore a pleasant surprise when our friends at Eyespace came up with a design they call “fluid flex” for their premium Jensen range of spectacle frames (pictured above). Cleverly machined out of a single piece of B-titanium in a concertina shape, they have no moving parts to fail. And because there is no spring holding the tension in the side, they are a darn sight easier for us to adjust. I’m quite impressed with the performance of them so far; they are simple, have no additional components and seem very sturdy.

Time will tell whether more frame companies move over to this design, but early feedback suggests they’re on to a winner.

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